Overview of Pecu Novus

What is Pecu Novus?

Pecu Novus is a blockchain network built for global mass adoption, basically built for everyone. It was launched in 2017 and then reengineered in late 2022 to become a high performance network that is suited for a wide range of use cases for the financial industry, supply chain management, cross-border payment systems, identity management and much more. Pecu Novus is decentralized and open, consistently innovating for the benefit of the community and developing innovative tools for layer-2 systems to build on the backbone of the network.

Why Pecu Novus?

Pecu Novus was built for growth integrating security, stability and speed. The Pecu Novus foundation was laid so that developers can build powerful and exciting platforms on the network. Developers don’t need to concern themselves with innovating or optimizing blockchain wise, they just need to put a focus on building user friendly and exciting applications for a global audience.

Pecu Novus was built and continues to innovate so that creative developers can bring forward those exciting applications without being restricted by slow speeds or high fees. Pecu Novus has very low fees and has achieved over 110k transactions per second in real time during numerous stress tests, which continue to take place in order to flush out any potential glitches that may impact developers building on Pecu Novus.

Pecu Novus Key Points

Some keys points of Pecu Novus is the scalability , by achieving over 110k transactions per second the network has shown the high throughput in place that can work with most any application. Due to the use of Proof of Time and not Proof of Work or Proof of Stake, Pecu Novus has not only promoted inclusion but has opened the door for a massive node base that will continue to scale the entire network.

Fees are always a concern when it comes to blockchain networks, this is why Pecu Novus has a very low fee structure in general. Peer to peer transfers from one Pecu Wallet to another carries ZERO fees while developers enjoy very low fees that will continue to decrease over time as the network continues to grow. This promotes inclusion on a global scale and doesn’t restrict a person or developer from using Pecu Novus due to their economic environment or background, Pecu Novus is built for everyone not just some.

Pecu Novus will have various ways developers can build on the network, with the introduction of Pecu Novus developer tools that will allow a developer to code in JavaScript, Rust and as many different coding languages we can be added over time.

This Documentation Area

If you are new to Pecu Novus then we highly recommend getting familiar with the ins and outs of the network, understanding how Pecu Novus is different than most other blockchain networks from scalability to inclusion, integration of Proof of Time protocol for node validators and the low fee structure. So surf this area, surf the entire information website and fully understand the vision for Pecu Novus as it was built for growth, not just today but for many tomorrows.